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SKULPT -Unknown nostalgia

SKULPT was never designed for Nike fans. It was conceived to showcase the temporary aspect of life. The things that were once considered to be important but that ended up melting away with the flow of life.

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Studying in Montreal (Canada) the Air force used to be one of the most popular shoe of our generation, it was almost part of the mandatory uniform. As a kid, getting a brand new pair of AF1 felt like life was complete. Nothing felt better, that feeling was indescribable. As we grow up, we’re introduced to different pleasures and often forget how simple it used to be. This is a reminder not to forget where we come from, while simultaneously looking towards where we’re going. And as we previously mentioned, It's also pretty.

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The Du - History of the future

The Du is a first step towards what we call our future history. It's the perfect match between two periods without anything in common : The 2000's and Ancient Greece.

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This piece is based on three main ideas : Being neutral, timeless and practical. The finishing product is a piece that could be in a museum, a recording studio or a living room in any given period of time.

We believe in double meaning and utility so we also added an incense holder feature. This idea which was supposed to be an extra has perfectly blended with the overall energy of the piece. This is probably our best work to date and we hope that you'll cherish it as much as we do !

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